Property Management

Since 1998, The Carbon Companies has partnered with Thompson Realty Capital to form Carbon Thompson Multifamily Management. Through this partnership, we offer a full range of property management services dedicated to maintaining a high occupancy level and the physical integrity of each property.  Our management style has evolved into a proprietary system with an enviable track record of success: beautiful communities, happy residents and well-satisfied investors. 

Property Management Services:


Our market research tracks:

  • Occupancy levels
  • rental rates
  • concessions 
  • amenities 
  • demographics
  • competition 
  • housing needs by specific market

Each marketing plan is custom tailored to fit a specific property’s needs. This knowledge, coupled with our vast management experience, allows our management teams to out-perform the marketplace. 

Lease Up.  

A successful preleasing campaign is vital to the success of a new build, especially in today’s highly competitive market. Our years of experience have generated a program of proven results by:   

  • Embedding an experienced leasing and management team to ensure leasing and marketing plans are correctly implemented.
  • Launching an awareness campaign in the immediate area with promotional materials
  • Becoming involved in local chambers and community interest groups 
  • Providing information to locators and area human resource departments. 
  • Intense focuse on resident retention.

Nationally, resident turnover at multi-family developments averages over 60% annually. Some is beyond management’s control. But a high percentage are lost through neglect or lack of incentives. 

Our proprietary systems, including staff training programs, ensure that we consistently beat the industry’s retention statistics. Our mantra is: It’s much less costly to keep a resident than to find a new one.

Information Systems. 

By utilizing the latest computer technology and software to improve communication, standardization and productivity, every community we mange operates with maximum efficiency.  An added benefit is the real time reporting our investors have come to expect from us.

Policies and Procedures Training.

We invest in our people through intensive, well-coordinated industry educational courses and training programs. These policies and procedures set a standard of excellence for all of our associates. Experience has shown success can be replicated by following proven guidelines and by working with committed and talented team members.